Annoncer Kitchen 1.2 Released

Today we released a new version of Annoncer Kitchen. This is a very exciting release as we incorporated many small enhancements, some bug fixes and three major new features:

  • A completely redesigned ticket detail
  • A new tags feature
  • Guest History

Let’s dive into these new features.

Ticket detail

After much feedback, testing and lot’s of new design and ideas we decided to that the ticketdetail needed a major overhaul. We wanted it to be more accessible, faster, cleaner and easier to use. After numerous designs and internal testing we are very happy to present this new ticket detail which looks like this:


This ticket detail is activated by selecting either the Info, Guest or Timing button on a ticket. This means that the previous Guest, info and Timing pop-ups have all been incorporated in the new ticketdetail, together with all the information that was previously available like the timeline. It also removes the need for dubbeltapping on a ticket which sometimes led to unexpected results.

Last but not least, the new ticketdetail also gives you access to the new Guest History feature!

Guest History

Finally, we have the long awaited Guest History feature built into Annoncer Kitchen. You are now able to see when a guest visited you previously, what the notes were for that reservation and most importantly: what the guest ordered!

All this is now visible under the guest details in the new Ticket Detail screen!


We knew our ‘Medical’ feature would be popular. We clearly underestimated how popular it would become. You all used this feature so much and frequently( even for things not even remotely medically related) that we decided to enhance this feature for you. We now call these ‘Medicals’ Tags. We decided to group these tags into 5 groups:

  • Medicals (as it previously were)
  • Special Occasions
  • Food preferences
  • VIP
  • Seating preferences


As a user you can now create and use these new tags which are redesigned for better readability and only shown in places they are relevant. Also, you can now add these tags to reservations and or tickets! Last but not least, we changed the dynamic when creating these tags which makes it less likely that staff will create dubbel or erroneous tags.

Besides these great new features which we think you will love (although it might take some getting used to, but believe us, you will not want to go back anymore) we also have a huge number of enhancements and bug fixes in this release. Here’s a sample of things we improved:

  • Group numbering is now reset between Lunch and Dinner
  • eTender reservations interface allows for selection of a specific tab or area
  • Improved the accept button speed for transactions in the bucket
  • Added the ability to view the timeline for removed tickets
  • Fixed sporadic issue where the navigation bar is unavailable for use

and much more!

Contact your reseller if you want to update to this new version!